Quranic verses on marriage

“And those who preserve their sexes [from all intercourse] except with their wives or the slaves they own, for there really they cannot be blamed; while those who seek beyond these limits are transgressors. (23:5 to 7)

Allah made you wives from yourselves, and from your wives He gave you children and grandchildren. And He’s given you good things.” (16:72)

Marry the celibates among you and the good among your slaves, men and women. If they are needy, Allah will make them rich by His grace. For (the grace of) Allah is Great and He is Omniscient.” (24:32)

And among His signs He has created from you, for you, wives so that you may live in peace with them and He has placed between you affection and kindness. There is evidence in this for people who reflect. (30:21)

What could be more beautiful than living as a couple in perfect harmony? Tranquility, affection and mercy are therefore the pillars of marriage and the secrets of the success of any union.