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Our muqabalahs are done with the help of chaperones
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Our approach scrupulously respects the precepts of Islam concerning marriage
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We help and accompany you from start to finish to find the life partner that suits you.
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We help you find the right person to start a family with.

How does it work ?

Wikalat Zawaj is a marriage agency that accompanies you to find the partner that suits you while strictly respecting our values


Registration to our online platform

After having chosen the formula that corresponds to your aspirations, we validate your registration online via a confirmation email sent by our marriage agency. Your registration is carried out via online procedures, our employees will all accompany you throughout your process.

Personality test

We will contact you later to confirm your membership, then we will help you find your partner in accordance with our values.


Tailored meetings

You are accompanied from the start during your meetings until you find your soul mate. You can now make acquaintances via our web platform by choosing from hundreds of profiles in line with your matrimonial aspirations. When we have the approval of both parties, we will schedule a meeting which will take place in the presence of a chaperone.


Find out what our members earn by choosing WIKALAT ZAWAJ

Why choose WIKALAT ZAWAJ? There no specific answer since the benefits are many. Discover the reasons that make WIKALAT ZAWAJ your best choice.

Our formulas

Regardless of your budget, you will be able to make targeted and personalized meetings via one of the packages of your choice:

49.90 / 3months

Formula Bidaya

  • Selection of 5 profiles
  • National membership network
  • VIP support (team available 5 days a week)
  • Mobile application to keep in touch
  • Open and adaptable contract at any time
  • Subscription three months or 5 profiles presented.
  • Legal advice and support
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119.90 / 12months

Najah's Formula

  • Selection of 25 profiles
  • National membership network
  • VIP support 1 day out of 7 (Monday)
  • Mobile application to keep in touch
  • Open and adaptable contract at any time
  • Subscription 12 months or 25 profiles presented.
  • Legal advice and support* (supplement)
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199.00 / unlimited

Flexibility formula

70% of our customers choose this formula

  • Unlimited profiles
  • National and international network of members
  • VIP support (team available 5 days a week)
  • Mobile application to keep in touch
  • Open and adaptable contract at any time
  • Unlimited subscription
  • Personalized legal advice and support included (value only 1500 euros)
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* Selection of profiles is validated by the two parts and with presentation (meeting physical or video).

Clients testimonials

Discover what our happy members said after they have found their match



At the beginning I was afraid but I chose directly the 12 MONTHS subscription to take my time and all met my expectations in the respect of the Quran and the Sunnnah hamdoulileh I found the man I aspired to. Thank you WIKALAT ZAWAJ.


WIKALAT ZAWAJ knew how to find the right person for me, today I am happy to have completed half of my dine

Akram Gates

Hi WIKALAT ZAWAJ thank you for making it possible to meet someone… We are so in love… I recommend it to friends. Grateful forever.

Complete half of your faith at WIKALAT ZAWAJ!

It's a place where kindred spirits meet!

Our matrimonial agency is based on a humanistic approach, listening, advice, follow-up and personalized coaching, we accompany you throughout your process.

With a 10 years’ experience in Halal matchmaking and Islamic marriage, WIKALAT ZAWAJ ALMUSLIMIN is a place where hundreds of Muslims meet in order to find their soulmate. WIKALAT ZAWAJ is not a dating website, it’s the platform where men and women serious about Islamic marriage find their soulmate.

Your will surely find your soulmate here

What are you waiting for? Meet the beautiful souls of WIKALAT ZAWAJ all over France and around the world

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Our members find their happiness with us
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Interviews take place in Islamic precepts
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Conversations are 100% halal
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